3 IN interactive exhibition

The world of theatre and actors is often mysterious and strange to those who are not part of it. Let alone the theatre of actors with disabilities! The 3 IN exhibition offers insight into the work and life of 3 theatre ensembles of actors with disabilities from 3 European countries. With its dialogical nature and interactive elements, the exhibition attempts to give visitors the opportunity to encounter various differences and ask important questions to which there are no clear and simple answers:

  • Is theatre with actors with differences merely a work of art or is it also a form of therapy?
  • Should the audience be in control of whether they are laughing at the actor or their performance during the show?
  • Do the differences of the actors enable them to address important human and social issues on stage?

The exhibition crowns and also reflects on the BE In! project, which in 2021 started a collaboration between the ensembles of the Aldente Theatre (CZ), the Blue Apple Theatre (GB) and Teatr 21 (PL). 3 IN is the result of the activities of a group of female researchers under the non-profit organisation Rytmus, who accompanied the project with the aim of stimulating and cultivating a discussion about inclusion (not only) in the field of arts.

The exhibition took place from May 4-12, 2023 at the Café Za Sklem in Brno, Czech Republic.

On the first two dates, the exhibition was accompanied by a special performance called Purification, created by the director Jitka Vrbková and actors from all 3 ensembles participating in the Be IN! project.

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