Teatr 21 (Warsaw, Poland) is a theatre company whose actors are mainly people with Down syndrome and autism. During the 16 years of its activity, the group has created more than a dozen plays, presented in theatres and institutions all over Poland. The group has performed at national (Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow) and international festivals (Prague, Berlin, Helsinki, Freiburg). In 2021 Teatr 21 was awarded with Paszport POLITYKI award in the „Theatre“ category. Apart from artistic activity, Teatr 21 is also engaged in education, pedagogy of theatre, publishing activity, organises conferences, lectures and works in international networks.

Currently, Teatr 21 is working on a project of the Centre for Inclusive Arts, which will be the first social institution of culture in Warsaw entirely dedicated to the work of artists with disabilities. Its main task will be to include various social groups in the field of art, culture and science. There will be, among other things, meetings with artists, workshops for families and the elderly, lectures on disability studies and art of people with disabilities, exhibitions of visual artists and many others. The space itself and all events will be adapted to the needs of people with various disabilities. In addition, the Centre for Inclusive Arts will become the permanent home of Teatr 21, which has had to operate without a venue for 16 years. The Centre for Inclusive Arts programme is co-financed by the City of Warsaw.

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