The interactive exhibition was created by young researchers based on their two-year experience with three European theatres working with actors with learning disabilities. The exhibition is not only a reflection of their own feelings, but also a mediator of such an experience thanks to its interactive form. Thematically, the exhibition is based on Socratic questions – difficult questions about inclusion to which there is no clear answer.

What can you experience in the exhibition?

  • What would an actor with Down´s syndrome look like as Jesus Christ, Cleopatra or James Bond?
    Try constructing one on a meotar!
  • What goes on in the mind of a first-time audience member who finds themselves in a show with actors with difference?
    Listen to the radio play!
  • Is it ethical for one actor to give another actor an unplanned slap during a performance? And what if one actor has Down´s syndrome and the other doesn’t?
    Watch the short film!
  • What is it like to watch someone a little different than yourself?
    Put on a mask and be a troll
  • You can’t joke about the theatre of actors with difference…?
    Check out the comics!
  • What are those Socratic questions?
    Read our newspaper!

The exhibition has so far been realized in Cafe Za sklem in May 2023 in Brno (Czech Republic) and in July 2023 in Neratov at the Menteatral festival (Czech Republic).

The exhibition, or part of it, can be repeated. If you are interested in installing part of the exhibition (or even just lending a small part of it – newspapers, videos, radio plays, etc.), please contact the following addresses:

  • CR:
  • GB:
  • PL:
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