The aim of the “Be IN!” project is to break down stereotypes through theatre and related activities, show people new perspectives on world vision, arouse in them the ability to think critically, and lead them to self-knowledge and self-development, which ultimately has an impact on societal change.



Coordination online meeting of representatives of theatres and Rytmus.


Start building a website.


Introductory international project meeting of representatives of all four project participants in Brno, presentation of the project logo concept.


The second round of the selection procedure of participants – researchers.


The first working meeting of researchers and lecturers.


Presentation of the project logo.




Announcing of the first Socratic question.


International workshops and Be IN! festival in Brno

In May 2022, theatre groups Teatr 21 and Blue Apple Theatre came to Brno. We spent six days doing theatre activities, getting to know each other, and making friends with Aldente Theatre and a group of young researchers from Rytmus. We had seven workshops and seven theatre shows for everyone to enjoy!


Be IN!(clusive) festival and workshops in Winchester

In October 2022, Teatr 21 from Poland, Aldente Theatre from Czech Republic, and young researchers from Rytmus came to Winchester, England. Blue Apple Theatre had lots of activities for everyone. We had workshops and discovery things for the theatre groups. For the public, there was a theatre festival and a conference.


Conference in Warsaw: theatre as a way to inclusion

We had a big meeting in Warsaw to talk about inclusion in theatre. People from Teatr 21, Blue Apple Theatre, and Aldente Theatre shared their thoughts. Students from Rytmus also talked about what they found out from the Be IN! project. Lots of theatre experts from different places came to join us.


Interactive exhibit in Brno

The interactive exhibition was created by young researchers based on their two-year experience with three European theatres working with actors with learning disabilities. The exhibition is not only a reflection of their own feelings, but also a mediator of such an experience thanks to its interactive form. Thematically, the exhibition is based on Socratic questions – difficult questions about inclusion to which there is no clear answer.


Publication: Theatre as a path to inclusion

The publication is an output of the conference “Theatre as a Path to Inclusion”, which took place on 4 March 2023 at the Centre for Inclusive Arts / Teatr 21 in Warsaw. The aim of the conference was an international reflection on the current state of theatre and the level of inclusion in the theatre environment. Representatives of the Be IN project organisations (Teatr 21, Blue Apple Theatre, Aldente Theatre, Rytmus) and student researchers presented their papers, reflecting on the whole Be IN project from the outside and allowing them to compare different approaches to inclusion in different countries.

end of the project

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