The aim of the “Be IN!” project is to break down stereotypes through theatre and related activities, show people new perspectives on world vision, arouse in them the ability to think critically, and lead them to self-knowledge and self-development, which ultimately has an impact on societal change.



Coordination online meeting of representatives of theatres and Rytmus.


Start building a website.


Introductory international project meeting of representatives of all four project participants in Brno, presentation of the project logo concept.


The second round of the selection procedure of participants – researchers.


The first working meeting of researchers and lecturers.


Presentation of the project logo.




Announcing of the first Socratic question.



Workshops in Brno


Workshops in Winchester

Skills was developed of both project participants and the public. Participants was actors with learning disabilities from all three theatres and a group of young researchers, and the public is represented by students from local universities. The anticipated outcome of these interactions was enhanced understanding.


Theatre Festival in Winchester

Each of the three theatres presented one of their profile productions. The audience was introduced to various other associated activities of the theatres and they have opportunity to discuss them with the practitioners.


Symposium in Warsaw in March 2023

“Theatre as a way to inclusion” – an international reflection on the current state of theatre activities and related activities supporting inclusion. The result will be the design of new innovative methods of educational theatre work.


Be IN! exhibition in Brno

The expo was comprise three parts: an interactive section of “Socratic questions“ to promote critical thinking by visitors; a participative section of “live meetings“, where visitors might meet actors in person; and an exhibition section “My way: theatre and diversity as a way to enhance personal development towards self-awareness and societal reform“. The exhibition presented the stories of young researchers with a reflection on the “journey“ they took during the project, incorporating recordings of the attitudes and opinions from the position of different nationalities.

Website Be IN!

Even after the end of the project, the website will capture important inspirational moments such as online exhibitions, examples of public awareness through the theatre (specific theatre workshops, the possibility of leading discussions on performances, etc.) or the interactive section Socratic Questions.

Publication Be IN!

A printed publication that will contain examples of widespread educational work through best theatrical practices (best practice). In the online version, the publication will be available to download on the Be IN! website.

Exhibition Be IN!

Individual parts of the interactive exhibition will be available for further use. The exhibition will also be available via the Be In! website. For more information on the exhibition, see the display flip card.