We are a group of young people who combine openness and creativity, an interest in learning new paths and new ways of thinking, an interest in a deeper knowledge of ourselves, and expanding our own boundaries. Our favourite topic is everything about theatre, social inclusion, and the support of people with any difference.

Marie Měkotová

Lenka Galatíková

I am a student of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University in Brno, but above all, I'm an enthusiastic instructor of experiential pedagogy and the head of the youth club Medvědí stopa Holešov.

Kristýna Kučerová

I am a student at the Physical Theatre studio at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU and I would like to explore, among other things, the expansion of the practical education of actors with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities and their contribution to performative forms.

Hana Kyprová

I need diversity in my life, which is why I study both at the Faculty of Arts and Pedagogy and involve myself in volunteer activities and inspirational projects such as Be IN! (clusive). I am interested in the aesthetic possibilities of actor-specific theatre as well as audience reception of performances of actors who are different.

Eva Janštová

I am a psychotherapist. I help children with speech defects inclusively. In my work, I develop the topics of positive psychology, hypnotherapy and child psychotherapy. I specialize in translations and writing professional articles.

Šimon Peták

I am a man of the theatre. I am studying for a doctorate at Theatre Faculty of JAMU, I teach students directing and dramaturgy, physical theatre, and the Erasmus+ program. I write lyrics for stages, poems, songs, and fairy tales.

Miroslava Schejbalová

I study interpretation and English translation, and, in my free time, I perform slam poetry. In the project, I would like, among other things, to document in multimedia ways the non-traditional perspectives of the audience's experience of inclusive performances.

Anna Marie Slobodová

I am interested in the world in its complexity - for this reason too, I love theatre (study of Theatre Science and Art History). I am interested in junctures: from voice to word (I love music, dance, drama), from word to event (I appreciate dialogue), from event to society (the need for engagement).

Barbora Suchopárková

I study special pedagogy and have been working with children with Down syndrome for several years. I have never experienced a more fulfilling job, full of fun, love, and friendship. I want to meet new people, develop a discussion that leads to reflection.

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