The publication is an output of the conference “Theatre as a Path to Inclusion”, which took place on 4 March 2023 at the Centre for Inclusive Arts / Teatr 21 in Warsaw. The aim of the conference was an international reflection on the current state of theatre and the level of inclusion in the theatre environment. Representatives of the Be IN project organisations (Teatr 21, Blue Apple Theatre, Aldente Theatre, Rytmus) and student researchers presented their papers, reflecting on the whole Be IN project from the outside and allowing them to compare different approaches to inclusion in different countries. 

However, many other (not only Polish) amateur, alternative and professional theatre makers, representatives of NGOs, public and social cultural institutions and academics also accepted the invitation to the conference. Inclusion and its theatrical implications were discussed both from the perspective of people with disabilities and from the perspective of people with exceptional abilities. The diversity of voices and stories shows that inclusion can take very different paths. Each reveals slightly different issues and challenges associated with it. 

All the co-authors of the publication work in the field of theatre, but they also encourage a broader perspective, taking into account the social context, local conditions and, above all, the specificities of the people they come into contact with. Each chapter ends with questions that offer and challenge the reader.

The publication can be downloaded for free here:

For the printed version please contact one of the organisations:

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[…] outcome of the conference is the publication Theatre as a Path to Inclusion, which is available in three languages and can be downloaded for […]

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