Divadlo Aldente

We are a theatre where young actors and authors with Down Syndrome meet with professional actors without a disability. In this connection (and dialogue), we see a chance to create a professional productions with distinctive theatrical poetry.

We believe that people with Down Syndrome have a unique understanding of the world as well as specific performative abilities.

We do not have our own venue. In Brno, we perform in the Barka Theatre and the Leitner Club. We perform at festivals. We organise workshops for schools, which help the students to grasp the idea of the stage creation, and also enable them to become closer to people who are different from them.

Currently, we have 8 productions in our repertoire. Usually, we perform a total of up to 30 performances a year.

We collaborate with the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno on various research projects and reflect our work through artistic research.

We strive to establish a fully professional theatre (both operationally and artistically), drawing inspiration from similar groups abroad.

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