Trolls – lesson about love

There are many legends and stories about trolls that adults tell children. In many of them, trolls resemble wild creatures. They are freaks being a bit like humans and a bit like animals.

Trolls live in hiding, in groups and rarely let themselves be seen by others. Few people speak well of them. Many people are afraid of trolls although they have never met any of them in their lives. Trolls also heard unbelievable stories about people and for many years preferred not to show themselves to them. It is time to stop it! It is time to finally see each other!

A group of trolls decides to meet people. As their first place of contact with people, they choose a school. What happens when the trolls come out of hiding and enter places where no one expects them? How will children react to them?

Trolls” is an interactive theatrical event for pupils and their parents or teachers. After each meeting of children with trolls, a workshop is held helping children collect
thoughts, experiences and emotions accompanying this unusual event.

How to be together without running away from each other in fear?

Have you ever met a troll? What conviction do you carry within you?

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